Westerfeld Enterprises is also an authorized Bully Clutch dealer. Tired of getting smoked at the start of a race? The Bully clutch is the answer to the problem. We have bought and ran every clutch out there, in our opinion nothing compares, the performance of the Bully clutch. The Bully clutch is virtually maintenance free and nearly bullet proof. The Bully clutch truly is, as they say......One Mean Clutch!

The Bully Clutch

Before the bully clutch was introduced, Buller Built made a commitment to producing the best performing clutch period. To add value to the kart racer, it was their intention to have a clutch with a maximum number of interchangeable parts between models while still being specific to class applications. Along with the help of an engineering service, they developed a state of the art accelerometer in order to test and verify that the Bully clutch design transfers more torque at a given RPM than any other clutch on the market.

The Bully clutch is made without using any stamped parts. Stamping requires that a softer, thinner material be used at places where precision and rigidity are required. The Bully clutch is CNC machined of billet aircraft certified material or laser cut then ground for precision. No blueprinting is required on a new Bully clutch, it is already done.

The clutch design is very versatile and can easily be converted for class specific application. Bolt on weights and spring changes can quickly change a jr. restricted clutch to a senior unrestricted clutch. All models share the same weight support bolt pattern so by simply changing the drive hub and drum the clutch can be converted to a 1, 2, or 3 disc clutch. By changing the activator & pressure plate, the same clutch can be assembled as for either a 4 or 6 spring application.

Clutches are available for all classes and configurations. When ordering a Bully clutch specify which class the clutch will be used in and we will install the correct weight/ spring combinations for your RPM needs. Each clutch comes with instructions which explain theory of operation as well as break in, proper set up and maintenance. Each set up sheet also includes charts for weight/spring combinations and their expected engagement RPM.

Bully Clutch Key Features

  • Basket

    2 disc is machined from aircraft aluminum alloy so it is strong and lightweight, anodized for lasting protection. 3 disc constructed of durable, long lasting steel.
  • Friction Discs

    These are the heart of the clutch! The discs are constructed of the highest quality friction materials available.
  • Levers

    Extra wide and heavy for that hard hit on the hole shot, CNC machined from tool steel and treated with an antifriction coating.
  • Activator Plate

    Designed to reduce friction in the lever assembly for improved clutch consistency.
  • Drive Hub, Pressure Plate, Floater discs

    Laser cut, heat treated and ground from certified aircraft alloys.